Patterdale Terrier Champions bred  for hunting, show,
working, performance, and companions for more than twenty years.
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Welcome To MQH Kennels
Established 1978
Riverside California

If You like what you see, come in for a visit!

We were introduced to Fell Terriers and terrier hunting in the mid 1980's. Our first Patterdale Terrier was sired by Nuttall's Ricky out out Nuttall's Raven. The little black dog was much more than we expected. Her courage, tenacity, tractability, and loyalty did not go unnoticed.
After the loss of this fine terrier, we immediately contacted Mr. Brian Nuttall for our own breeding stock. MQH is now one of the top breeders worldwide of hunting, show, companion, working, and  Patterdale Terrier performance dogs.

All of our dogs are registered with the Patterdale Terrier Club of America and have proven pedigrees. Every dog we keep and use in our breeding program is tested and must be sound of mind and body. They must epitomize the breed before they are accepted into our breeding program. As a result, we have raised five generations of healthy Champions, far more than any other kennel and we fully guarantee all of our Patterdale Terrier puppies for health and temperament. We have produced many UKC National Title holders,  "Total Dog,"  "UWP", "Splash Dog," and  four PTCA "Hall of Fame" dogs.

Whether you are looking for a hunting dog or not, the prey drive and nose may be just what you want for earth dog or den trials, agility, weight pulling, SAR, Ring Sport, flyball, dock diving, commercial pest detection and control, or accelerant sniffers. We have produced them all! Both professionals and hobbyists alike have chosen puppies from us. Beyond all that, they are the best little companions for people or families with an active lifestyle.

We are always a supporter of the PTCA, Patterdale Rescue, and the National Show!

We occasionally have  puppies bred to the highest standards, so be be sure to  check our Current Litters page to see if we have any Patterdale Terrier puppies for sale.
Your next puppy may very well carry the MQH Kennel name!

We are very proud of our contribution to the breed and would like to share with you some of our enthusiasm for Patterdales.

We have added a new Links page so be sure to check it out. There are club, event, health, and legislation links added to keep you informed.

Thanks For Stopping By!