Patterdale Terrier Champions bred  for hunting, show,
working, performance, and companions for more than twenty years.
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    Patterdale Terrier Pictures Page 1

These are pictures of our first Patterdale Terriers.
They are all pure Nuttall  and their bloodlines are the foundation of our breeding program.
Some of these images are old and I apologize for the quality.

We were introduced to the Patterdale, the "Elite Of Working Terriers", in the mid 1980's.
Our first Patterdale Terrier was bred by Patti Holt who was importing the breed early in its introduction to America. The little black Patterdale Terrier was much more than we expected. Her courage, tenacity, and loyalty did not go unnoticed. After the loss of this fine terrier in a hunting accident, we immediately contacted Mr. Brian Nuttall for more Patterdale Terriers.

Josie at age 15 years Josie at 15 years old
MQH Josie RIP, pictures taken at age 16 years. Patterdale Terrier Club of America "Hall OF Fame"Josie was bred by Brian Nuttall and imported from England. She will always be my favorite!

Josie was the Mother, Grandmother, and Great Grandmother of some of the most game Patterdales in the U.S. today!

MQH Desiree
MQH Desiree RIP Pictured at 14 years.
Bred by and imported from Brian Nuttall

PTCA "Hall of Fame" inducted for her exceptional impact on the breed. The Patterdale Terrier Club further honored her by establishing a Veteran's Memorial Trophy in her name Desi was a phenomenal individual and a fabulous producer who's greatness has bred true through many generations. Everyone who has owned a Desi pup will tell you "they are the BEST locators!" For a great hunting dog or performance dog, look for her in your pedigree.

MQH GRIP still with us and sound at 14 years old is one of the finest hunting terrier sires in the U.S. MQH Grip is a proven worker and preponent sire of Patterdales, his progeny are used in many of the Patterdale kennels around the country.

He is line bred Nuttalls Rocky.

MQH Grip is also a Patterdale Terrier Club of America "Hall of Fame" recipient.

More Pictures of Patterdales

MQH Desiree PTCA "Hall of Fame," To honor Desiree, I have selected a picture of her for my link to the next page She was a fantastic hunting bitch, smart, keen in the field, and truly a joy to own.
Desiree's blood courses though the veins of many of our best hunting terriers, and other Patterdale Terrier kennels across the country. As a tribute to Desiree, the PTCA awards a perpetual award each year at the Nationals to the top winning Veteran in her name.

Click on the picture of MQH Desiree for pictures of the next generation of MQH Patterdale Terriers!