Patterdale Terrier Champions bred  for hunting, show,
working, performance, and companions for more than twenty years.
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We would like to share some of the GREAT NEWS
we have received from the owners of our puppies!

Aaron in Iowa bought a Jet pup,

"She is doing great. I have been taking her along when we go hunting and she has actually went in to the holes in the hay. We make sure with a older dog that nothing is in there, but she is all about hunting around. She weighs about 10 lbs. already. She is very strong and has more attitude than she knows what to do with! She has killed mice and a small rat so far, I almost screwed up we had her in a barn and the older dog went in the hay she was running around trying to figure out how get in there. Then the coon bolted and older dog got it, but she almost got to fight before I got her picked up, it was a 25 lbs. coon, but we let her play with it after it was dead and she tore into it like it was alive and she was going to kill it!!! she has turned out to be more than I even could hope for. i will keep you in touch and let you know if she keeps on track."
Thanks again Pam!!!

Aaron Strawn,
Barnburner Patterdales

Christian has a Desiree X Grip daughter

I have had many dogs in my life and have raised SB Terriers and grew up in a poodle show home and have had everything from Pekinese to German Shepherd, Keeshond to Toy Fox Terriers and every variety of mutt imaginable, and both of the dogs I've gotten from you are in my top five favorite dogs... Sage is probably the best dog I've ever owned. Here's a picture of Sage at 10 years. She is really beginning to show her age, but I love the gray. In her old age she has porked out to 16lbs, but as a youngster she was 12" and 12 lbs and very spannable. I look forward to getting another Terrier from you very soon. Thanks, Christian

Eric and April Brittsan, Vom Dunkel Meute Kennels are the proud owners of MQH Spinelli Vom Dunkel Meute

MQH Spinelli Vom Dunkel Meute
Winner of Best of Breed at the 2007 UKC Premier Invitational.
Spinelli, bred by MQH Patterdales, is out of our super producer "MQH Cali."

Duke Last year I bought two Patterdale's, a little boy from you and a girl from another breeder. Recently I was on your website and read where you say here is a chance to own the best of the best and you are not kidding!! My little girl "Dixie" is very sweet and smart but "Duke" my little boy that I got from you march '07 is the most wonderful dog ever.

When you compare the two dogs as far as behavior and ease of training, the pup I got from you is by far the smarter one. You breed the best patterdales and I feel very fortunate to own one of them!! Thank you for providing the best of the best!!! Just so you know Duke is doing terrific, his backyard is over 30 acres and he explores every inch of it above and underground!! We live in Prescott, AZ and recently had our first snow so Duke had his first experience with that and he loved it!! He is very protective of me and my two kids, he goes everywhere with us in fact he goes to work every day with me! He has been a pure joy to own. I have attached a picture.

Thanks Again,
Julie Pentico

Boating with Wojo

Wojo is such a character. He is our faithful boating buddy, he has been swimming since we brought him home from your ranch! He also gets to go to work a lot with Jim and everyone just loves him. He truly is a wonderful dog, and we know that the breeding and his lineage has a lot to do with it. You breed wonderful Patterdales, and look forward to adding another into our family someday!

Stacey & Jim Morrison

Sierra Rush

The Rush Family of Oregon owns a Cali Daughter

We are all doing well and Sierra has become a great addition to the family. We’ve been taking her & us to obedience school and she has learned to sit, stay, down, roll over, come & crawl. The “come” can be difficult when she gets that terrier nose to the ground and puts her hunting hat on!

Jelly Bean reading up Kerry Young in Lake Havasu AZ writes:
During the first week of house training Jelly Bean learned to ring a bell I had placed on the end of a door stop and then screwed the door stop into the door casing by the door she would go out. I spent only about 5 minutes repeatedly showing Jelly that if she rang the bell the door would open and she could go outside. I would say "outside", and out she would go. After that, everytime I opened that door to put her outside I would make sure she made contact with the bell. It started sporadically, but by the 3rd week she had it down. If I didn't see her by the door, if I was in another room, or out of sight, she would ring the bell. Just wanted to share that with you. I could, but I won't go into all her other achievements, all I can say is she is one smart cookie.

Thanks again for everything.

Patterdale Terrier Monty Philip & Leilani Thomas in Fullerton, CA

Monty is almost 2 years old now, and he has brought us nothing but joy. The intelligence and sweet nature of these little dogs never ceases to amaze us. Our little Monty basks in our attention and he loves kisses (He is definitely is a moma's boy). Our only wish is that he would enjoy a new toy longer than 5 minutes before completely tearing the stuffing out of it. He know the rules however, and in nearly two years he has not so much as laid a paw into gnawing on the furniture or pillows or anything else that doesn't belong to him.

Thanks again!
Philip & Leilani

Peanut Patterdale Firehouse Mascot Peanut has become my family and firehouse mascot. Intelligent, impish and full of fire, he has an energy level which is amazing. He has a sweet disposition but at times he wants to be a "tough guy". He needs more basic training but, at some point I intend to have him evaluated for suitability for training as a search and rescue dog. Thank you.

Update:Peanut (RIP)was replaced by the new Oakland Firehouse mascot, Bombbomb

I want to update you about my MQH patterdales. I could not have asked for more than what you sent me. Bomb Bomb and his son, Blaze have been evaluated by a third party trainer for suitability for training as accelerant detector dogs. According to the trainer suitable is an understatement. Bomb Bomb will be first to receive three months training under Bill Whitstine in Florida. Tentative date will be sometime this fall. I will keep you posted. I still have some classes to finish before he goes. Bomb Bomb is one of our firehouse mascots. His great temperament and maniacal style of ball play has endeared him to many crew members. He likes the rough stuff! Brownie is our house dog. Brownie is a really smart dog. She has good manners and is usually sweet and mellow. She is singly focused and frenetic when she is in prey drive. We love her!

A.W. Baker and Family, Oakland CA

Jeff in Washington owns a red "Poppin" pup Franco is doing really well. He is anxious to go into the gopher holes, but I am keeping him out of all holes untill he gets fully vaccinated. He is very healthy and is a fast learner. He has been playing other dogs and plays well. When picked on, he stands his ground no matter the size of the dog. I keep very close watch on him whenever he is outside because of high population of eagles, hawks and other raptors in my area. When he is outside and off his leash he never runs off always keeping me in his site.
Thanks Again.

Your satisfied customer,
Jeff Austin

Kelsea and Patton

Here's a picture of the Patton and Kelsea. Already best friends!
We received Patton, a little over a week ago, and he has lived up to all expectations. He arrived as promised, in good condition (an over nine hour trip), and hasn't slowed down since we first took him out of the crate. The pup is friendly and intelligent, but his working heritage is very obvious in his hardness and persistence. Thomas is just thrilled with Patton, and is chomping at the bit to hunt, Patton too. He has a great prey drive. We have mice to feed to our Savannah monitor. The cage was left down after feeding. Patton was obsessed with them; he bounced for hours around the cage trying to get in. Finally, I had to put it back, he was driving me crazy. I cannot thank you enough for him. He's wonderful!

Thank you Pam, for what appears to be a fine animal.

The Carneal Family, Subterra Kennels Fairburn Georgia

Rob in Arizona has a Mini daughter,

Baily is doing very well. She loves and gets along well with all of our friends dogs. She got her 16 week shots last week, and will be going on her first camping trip next week. Needless to say she is fitting in very well .

Thanks again,

Brent with another Jet pup wrote,
Dear Pam,
I Have Just Received My Pup. I Cannot begin To Thank You! I am no stranger to enthusiastic or aggressive dogs, and he beats them all! Right Out Of The Shipping Crate he was fearless. A True Testament To Fine Breeding!

Thanks Again!
Patterdale Terrier Pup

Valerie in Minneapolis
We wanted to send some pictures for you so you can watch Sammy grow! She is such a joy! Our life is so wonderful with Sammy in it! She's such a happy little girl. It's hard to be in any kind of a bad mood at any time with Sammy around.

Julius in Georgia's pup "Busta"
Thank You!! Busta and I are both doing well. He is turning out to be one magnificent pup! He is very game! He has a very high prey drive, he loves to chase squirrels. Thanks again Pam for this wonderful pup!

Nice Regards,

Ivan in New York has news about his Patterdale
Dear Pam:
I am writing to catch you up on Stormy's progress. First, I must say she was a confident little dog out of the crate at the airport. She has made a hit with my girls and my wife, although my wife is a little annoyed about how Stormy is so attached to me. Carol calls her my shadow. Stormy was virtually house broken by 3 months, and now at 6 months will do a down stay in front of her food, not moving to eat until given the word. She is quite obedient all around - she will follow the commands of sit, stay, leave, off, and come with solid reliability and each day is better on leash. She is now about 12 1/2 pounds and is very athletic. She walks with me and our Staffordshire a mile the first thing in the morning and then walks with me to and from work (where she sits quietly underneath my desk for much of the day) - 1 1/2 miles each way. When she gets home she wants to wrestle with the Staffordshire and fetch for the children. By the way, she is very patient with my six year old, who will pry Stormy's mouth open to show her little friends her dog's teeth. Stormy is also friendly and patient with my students, who range in age from 10 to 14. Stormy is also already vigilant and protective, particularly if men come up on us unexpectedly in the park or when I take my youngest to the school bus. Nonetheless, she is appropriately friendly in other circumstances and barks infrequently. The only draw back with her so far is she attracts inordinate attention. Because she is so graceful and self-possessed for such a young dog, I am stopped in the street with questions about her. She is fine with other dogs, yet seems unhealthily attracted to cats, rats and squirrels! She looks at me like I am stupid when I do not let her have a go at them.

Thank you so much for breeding such a wonderful dog and trusting me with her.

Huey in California

Here is a shot of Bud, at about 18 months. I have had Big Dogs all my life, my last dog was a 230 lb. Mastiff, He was Great! but we lost him and needed to fill that Huge Void, that's where Bud comes in. He is Great! A Big Dog in a Small Body, not a yapper like most small dogs, and he Loves People! Very low maintenance, and High Satisfaction! He loves HIS cats, but any strays he catches in the yard . . .WATCH OUT!!! I can't say enough about your Patterdale's Pam ...Really! The Biggest Little Dogs in the World!


 “Give Me That Ball”
Nikki in Texas bought a Pebbles pup

"My puppy Bella and I are playing tug~a~war with a squeaky soccer ball. She loves noisy toys!!!(and hiding her chew bones :) !!!) She is just the perfect dog, and I love her very much!"

Thank You!

David from Louisiana bought a Grip daughter
Hey I just wanted to know if you have any puppies available. I have had so much fun with the female I got from you I am now looking for a male. She has been the greatest dog ever. My brother got a dog from (another breeder) and I was a little disappointed. He came with two scars on his head. Thank you so much for a great dog and I hope to get another soon.

Thank you so much.

Joe bought a male pup out of Pebbles
Every day he does something new or learns something new. Our last picture, Scooter was getting his paws wet in the pool. He is now comfortable to float around on a Boogie Board.
He is incredibly smart and has almost completely mastered "Stay", "Come", and "Drop".
Thanks from David, Joe, and Scooter the Wonder Dog!

Patterdale Terrier
From Candy in Colorado

Here's the photo of Gimli. This dog has tons of personality in addition to his obvious good looks. We never imagined ourselves with a small dog, but now we'll never be without at least one Patterdale!

Expect to hear from us when we're ready for our next one. I'll be in touch.

 “Patterdale Terrier Swimming”
Rosemary in California writes:

Everything is great here! the pup is so smart!!
Brian loves her so much, so do I.

Tom and Vikki In Wyoming
Dear Pam,
Just an update, to tell you that this is the most exceptional dog. She is full of life but at the same time quick to learn. She is asked to spend some hours in the diner kitchen in her crate and she does it largely without complaint. She loves the outside where we spend a lot of time. With reasonable attention and care she hasn't had a mess for some time. Of course, she is still a puppy and loves to chew-- often well beyond the range of rawhide toys and bones she finds out in the pasture. She has learned recently not to chase the deer, she learned a while ago not to chase the chickens, and she is very careful around the horses. She is the epitome of a family bonded dog. She welcomes everyone by allowing them to pet her and scratch her belly. We couldn't be happier!
Tom & Vikki

Casey and Ozzie in San Francisco

Dear Pam,

We just wanted to send you an update on Ozzie. He is such a great pup, he has fit into our life perfectly! He is so quick to learn and has the best personality. He socializes with other dogs really well and loves to chase the ball. I’ve attached a few pictures. We took him to San Francisco last weekend and made his first trip to the beach.

Thanks again for a great dog – we love him!

Casey and Feride
New Jersey

Thank You for all the great e-mail and Patterdale Pictures we have received. Keep them coming!!!

Yours In Sport!
Pamela Mettrick
951 312-0667

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